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An efficient exhaust configuration, all the way from the cylinder head to the back end of the car is essential to achieve the full power potential of any engine. On a 
standard (stock) specification engine or even a 'radical' improved one, a good exhaust setup is worth loads of extra bhp. Please remember bigger is not always better with a exhaust system a balance of free flowing and gas accelleration is required.  
A Four Branch Manifold (for 4 cylinder engines) overcomes the problem with most standard manifolds where exhaust gas flow can be affected by other cylinders. Here the flow path from each exhaust port is independent until well after the 'close timing' of the exhaust valve. TSR have designed and manufactured there own range of manifolds in stainless steel for the mk2 Golf's not only for the standard engines but for those using the taller block ABF and 2E engines.TSR have also built our own range of performance tubular manifolds for turbo applications. Manifolds are available for K04 turbo cars such as the 225 bhp Audi TT and Leon cupra R, also for these engines is our top mount manifold (pictured right) for when using the Garret range of turbo's on the 1.8t engine. 
Replacement "exhaust systems" which means all the pipework and boxes starting from the end of the manifold (or downpipe or catalyst) backwards, are available from different manufacturers in a choice of materials, tailpipe designs, flow efficiency and noise characteristics. 
Catalyst Converters - Required by law on all UK cars first registered K and later. High flow cats and de-cat pipes for racing use are available from a range of manufacturers. 
Stainless Steel, this is an 'exotic' material being used in a rough environment, it needs to be well engineered to live up to it's promise of long life. 
Life-time Warranty means - while the car remains in the ownership of the system purchaser. Most stainless steel systems come with a Lifetime of ownership warranty. 
mk6 golf milltek exhaust
milltek gt 100 tailpipes
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