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Our engines are assembled to meticulous quality control standards using well proven, high quality components. Karl Schmidt or Wossner forged pistons are fitted with KS/Mahle bearings. Using only quality components gives us and you peace of mind that your engine is built to last. 
with our own TSR Performance Pack A or Pack C cylinder heads again these are built to the highest possible standards. TSR has a range of there own camshafts ground to our specs or can supply from quality names such as Kent cams, Newman, Piper and Schrick.  
We supply ready assembled engines for you to fit - please ensure you have the required technical expertise before ordering. Your engine package comes with a 12 month unlimited warranty that includes labour when fitted by us or 12,000 miles when fitted by you. Limited warranty for track use.  
A 10% surcharge is required against all orders with a £500 surcharge for engines supplied in advance. i.e. when your own engine is still in your car.  
Exchange engines must be complete (water pumps and alternators not required) and must be suitable for reconditioning - damaged or missing parts will be charged for.  
When fitting your new engine to your existing gearbox we advise your to fit a new clutch pushrod seal to avoid the risk of oil contamination of the clutch and subsequent failure.  
Engine Fitting 
We offer a full engine fitting service with all our engines. Included in this service we strip, clean and paint all relevant engine components to the highest standard which gives you a clean and fresh looking engine bay when your engine conversion is completed.  
If you opt for our engine fitting service this also increases your warranty from 12 months, 12,000 miles parts only warranty to a 12 month unlimited mileage parts and labour warranty (when returned back to TSR).  
Custom Race Engine Building 
In the past, TSR Performance has built many engines for track day cars, hillclimb cars and sprint cars.  
We have the facilities and know-how to build any specification of engine you may need.  
Please let us know your requirements in writing and we will be happy to supply a written quotation for your needs. 
Circuit Series 
The 'Circuit' Series of engines is based on our many years of road & competition experience and what mix of performance enhancing options really do work and are cost effective. For the different engine types used by VW, Audi, Seat, you can see our recommended packages for a complete engine with alternative capacities, cylinder heads and cams. Also shown are other recommended components where appropriate to the power output potential. 
As explained in Engines General Information, engine prices are 'on exchange' Outright purchase is available at an extra charge 
After fitting & running in for about 2500 miles, you can bring the car back to us (booking required) for an 'on the house' check of the installation and a rolling road power check.This invitation also applies to DIY self-fit engines. 
Please Note: quoted BHP figures are conservative and 'at the flywheel' expectations. True outputs will be dependant on the mileage on the engine, ignition & fuelling setup and ambient air temperature at the time of testing.  
Short Motors 
All TSR short engines are built to the same high standards as our circuit packages using KS and Mahle engine components.  
All our short engines can be matched to any of the relevant TSR head and cam range and carry the same warranty, 12 months unlimited mileage if fitted by us or 12 months 12,000 miles if fitted by yourself. 
Don't forget the relevant gaskets and bolts needed for your engine swap in your order!  
TSR Bore & Build Kits 
Designed for the home modifier, we supply everything needed to convert your 1800 8 valve or 16 valve engine to either 1900cc or 2000cc.  
You bore your original engine to either 83.00mm for a 19000cc conversion or 82.51mm for a 2000cc conversion (extra capacity is provided by a longer stroke crank). We then supply the folowing parts for you to complete the conversion. KS or Mahle pistons, KS bearings, new oil pump, new con rod bolts, engine gasket set, oil filter, cam belt and tensioner. 2000cc conversions are also supplied with a balanced crankshaft.  
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