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Cylinder Heads 
All the fuel and air your engine consumes passes through its cynlinder head - twice. Improving the flow is a sure-fired way to increase output, so we strongly 
recommend fitting a gas-flowed head, even if your intention is a basic cylinder head overhaul. 
Cylinder heads are normally supplied on a like-for-like exchange basis however, we are able to supply from stock with a surcharge, refundable on receipt of your old head in servicable condition - undamaged, complete with cam bearing caps, valve gear and suitable for rebuild.  
Valve guide wear, over a period of time, damages the valve stem oil seals, allowing oil into the combustion chanbers and increasing oil consumption. When this happens, you'll notice (and smell!) a smokey exhaust and, on post '85  
hydraulic engines, hear excessive rattling from the head after cold starts. This is the time to fit a rebuilt head as merely replacing the valve guide seals, a 'cure' sometimes suggested, will not work. After a short while, the new seals will suffer the same fate as the originals and your engine will smoke worse than ever.  
Fit a TSR rebuilt head and you should enjoy a further 100,000 trouble-free miles.  
4 Cylinder 
8v Pack 'A'  
The first stage in head improvement and the ideal starting point for fast-road conversions. This head is reconditioned as for the standard head then expertly gas flowed with valves and valve seats re-profiled for optimum gain. 
From £425 on exchange 
Pack A heads are available for all sizes of carburettor and fuel injected engines up to 2 litres and can run with the appropriate unleaded fuel. 
8v Pack 'C'  
By far the most popular choice, for fast-road, sprint or hill-climb motorsports engines. The pack C head gives ideal breathing characteristics especially on increased capacity engines. Engineered with special valve seats, the porting and gas flowing is optimised for the larger, lightweight valves, 40mm inlet, 35mm exhaust. Suitable for carb or injected engines from 1.8 litre to 2.1 litre using the appropriate unleaded fuel. 
From £725 on exchange  
8v Pack 'D'  
This is the head fitted to Paul Rose's Slick 50 & Blue Coral Championship winning car. With 35mm exhaust 40.5mm inlet valves and some very special porting, this is the ultimate head for 1.8 litre and 2.1 litre engines. Originally developed for race use, this head is equally suited to high-performance road aplications. A hydraulic version is available for 2.1 litre conversions. 
From £950 on exchange 
16v Pack 'A'  
The cross-flow design of the 16v head responds well to porting & polishing and produces noticeable power and torque gains, particularly at mid-rpm's where the peaky 16v engine normally suffers in relation to the 8v engine. Head dimensions do not permit the fitting of larger valves in road-going form however, there is a trade-off, the lighter valve gear makes higher revs possible and better results can be obtained with modified cams. 
From £655 on exchange  
20v Pack 'A'  
This 20V head is so tightly packed with valves there is no possibility of increasing their size however, porting and polishing works just as well with this many valves. Whether 150bhp turbo or 125bhp normally aspirated, your engine will greatly benefit from this head which really comes into its own when attached to a 1.8T engine that has been re-chipped. 
This head is available on an exchange basis only. 
From £750 
5 Cylinder 
5cyl 20v Pack 'A' (incl. UR Quattro)  
Essentially a 5 cylinder version of the Golf Mk2 16v head, the UR quattro's head gains much the same benefits. 
This head is not available on exchange, your car will be off the road while your own head goes through our machine shop. This can result in an up to two week turn-around time depending on work flow with delivery and collection by you (if possible) reducing transit time. 
From £820 on Exchange 
6 Cylinder 
VR6 Pack 'A'  
The VR6 head is an intricate casting, with porting to the engine's six cylinders in a narrow 'V'. Flowing significantly improves gas speed with two major benefits, an appreciable power increase and an even smoother operating engine. 
With many VR6 engines having covered high miles, we fit lightweight exhaust valves having discovered a high failure rate with OE valves in older engines. Highly recommended for 2.9 litre conversions. 
From £817 on Exchange 
VR6 12v Pack 'C'  
We are able to fit 2mm larger valves in the twelve-valve VR6 head, resulting in vastly improved flow and subsequent power and gains, especially when fitted to a 2.9 litre engine. This head also gives excellent results from the 2.8 litre engine without having to resort to a bottom end rebuild or other costly engine work. To gain even more benefit, we advise a gas flowed throttle body be included in your budget. 
From £1410 on Eexchange 
24v 4 motion/R32 
The 24v v6 heads as standard run a large valve setup but still benefit from porting and polishing. A lot of the work on these heads we do is upgrading for forced induction applications we do this using inconnel 1 piece valvetrain. As most of these builds are different we quote to suit your requirements. These are also worth considering when fitting a TSR turbo kit for the R32.  
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